Oneth is cute...Oneth is cute...Oneth is cute...Oneth is cute...Oneth is cute...Oneth is cute...Oneth is cute...Oneth is cute...Oneth is cute

This is a quick sketch of me, by my buddy, Bloodsong! See, I TOLD you I was cute! ;]

Name: Oneth Wingupesi

Birth Date: February 6

Sex: Male

Description: Dragon: 34' long; ~4' height. (No wings!) Serpentine body w/ gilt-edged, irridescent scales & smooth pearly-pink belly scales. Facial features noble like a lion, but cute like a puppydog. Big, garnet eyes & tall, tufted horsey ears. Silvery-white mane extends all the way down to a long tail-fringe.

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    I have Drakan now, too!  This is a great  game, tons of fun!  You play Rynn, a young woman who's little brother is kidnapped by the forces of evil.  To rescue him, you need to fight hordes of nasty monsters, but not to worry... you get to ride a dragon!  Drakan combines hand-to-hand ground combat areas with dragon flight combat.  It's great :]   Click to see Drakan Screenshots, Drakan-inspired Artwork, get Drakan practice Air Levels, and learn how YOU can get a free demo!

Taelgar   See Raistlin's Tower at Cragenmoor, and learn about the world of Taelgar!

...and Oneth is Charming... Oneth is Charming... Oneth is Charming...  Do you like my charm? I made it all by myself with Blade Pro. Click HERE to get this awesome plug-in for Photoshop, or PSP, etc! (Mac and Windows, too!)  Look out!  I made a buncha Blade Pro thingies with my name!  (Well, the last one doesn't really use Blade Pro, and it doesn't really say "Oneth" either.)

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