Oneth's Drakan Page

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Drakan Levels:

     I have two sets of Air Practice levels for you to download.  They are (or I should say 'were') Multiplayer maps, but I put some NPC dragons on them so you can play them in Single Player at home and get some flying and aerial combat practice in.       This is two smaller, easier levels: Oasis by Zeoc, and Nemesis by Surreal.        This is two larger, more advanced levels: Alwarren of Death and Grotto of Death, by Surreal.

(see the links section for more Drakan levels than you can shake a cable modem at!)

Drakan Chat:

     I host a Giblets Club chat on Wednesdays, at 8-9pm Eastern Time, on Sorcery IRC.  Use 9000 to connect, and look for the room #GibletsClub.  This is supposed to be a pre-Giblets Club-game get-together... but I'm lonely!  (Soon I'll have the java chat applet here, if you don't have an IRC client.)

Drakan Links:

Drakan Game Page     This is the main page for Drakan info; you can read about Drakan, see art work and screen shots, and download the demo here!  Go get it! :]

Drakan Forums        Meet me and the whole nutty gang over on the Drakan forum; if you need help or just want to hang out with other fans, drop on by!

Giblets Club Page     Those of us who love multiplayer games, but... really hate being reduced to Giblets every minute and a half.  If you are a newbie and find multiplayer to be difficult or frustrating, join the club!  We ain't so good, and we're proud of it!  Everybody is very nice and will help you learn how to stay alive.

Drakan Levels     Surreal hosts about every Drakan level ever created; bookmark this page if you play online much!  You'll need many of these levels.

Drakan Walkthrough     If you're stuck on a level, or just want to make sure you've scoured every goodie on every map, check out Puma's walkthrough!  Complete with illustrated maps!

Drakan Hints, Tips, and all-out CHEATS!     This is pretty much self-explanatory! ;D

Pointless Observations about the World of  Drakan     These are good. See if you can come up with some!

Arokh's Twin's Drakan Page    Great stories, screen shots, and reviews of Drakan levels.  (Plus maybe Arokh's Twin will give me a link on his page! :D )