Another drawing of me, with Bloodsong.


A picture I made! (In colour!) It's a picture of me, of course.

Oneth by

 This is a picture of me (who else?) by my bestest best buddy, Pouncer!

The Great Wyrms

   This is a picture of my Worms team, The Great Wyrms, kicking butt on a city.  That's Bahamut, Tiamat, and Smaug.


The very first picture I made with Bryce (and to see what any talentless, unartistic peon can do with the program.)

Islands in the Sky

Another Bryce picture (with help from some Ray Dream clip art!) It is awesome!

Hidden Lake

A Bryce quickie of a neato fractal mountain and lake, with me in it, too! (Are you sick of seeing me yet?  Keep going!)

Island Invaded
by Primitives

A Bryce picture by Pouncer!

The Portal 

Another Bryce goodie by me AND Bloodsong. Scary!

Calamity Coyote

FINALLY!!! Blood finished my pic of Calamity Coyote. He's one Too Cool 'Toon!


Click Here to see a really cool fantasy scene Raistlin made in Bryce!!

Blessed Fountain
of Bahamut

Click Here to see my awesome picture of Bahamut's Temple for the world of Taelgar!

Raptor Rumble

Click this baby to see what any talentless, unartistic peon can do with Bryce AND Poser 3!!!

Gem Set

CC's Wholly Unimpressive Blue Gem in Gold Setting, with Variations!  Six abstract strange things that I kinda like.


A neato semi-abstract cool thing.   I made it!

Moonlit Castle

Spooky castle at night!

Brilliant Landing

A scene from our Alternity game.


And the man of the hour, Chance Clouseau!  (Whadda hunk!)


I hope you didn't live in this place when this happened....


This is a picture of Arokh, from the game Drakan.


This is a character from our game in Taelgar.

Rynn on the Beach

This is a picture of Rynn from the game Drakan.  She needs a vacation!
Now she has two days of vacation! Updated: 2K08.23  Arokh joins Rynn on the Beach!

Me, in 3D

I'm building a 3D model of myself, click here to see pics of it.

Flight to Cloud Castle

A cool Vue scene with dragons, inspired by Final Fantasy IX art.

Rynn & Arokh

I finished my Poser model of Arokh, here's a pic!


Big picture of Rynn and Arokh vs two Crow Dragons.

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