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Drakan Screen Shots

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Hot Babes and Cool Weapons

This is another side effect of GhostRyder's terrible ping times.  A few bits of lava breath weapon effect were left lying around here and there.  Here, I'm useing the freelook cam to take a picture of Rynn with an axe of ice and blazing fire...

The Citadel

Now this is a doozy of duel arenas!  Love the heavy riffs. ;]  The skull motif is pretty prevalent.  Here, I'm using the Freelook cam to get a shot of my scary face!

Four-Winged Dragons

Hmmm... obviously a pair of hybrids between the grey and giraffe dragons.

Man, Everybody's got a Dragon but Me!

This is the Giblet Crew, wreaking havoc with the poor MoD level...  Now how come I can't get a dragon, too!?

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