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Giblets Club Snapshots

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   These are some pics I snapped in our Giblets Club games.  They are edited, with amusing quips added.  If you see yourself here and think you are portrayed in a bad light, let me know, and I'll take your pic down!  

Lady Slag


    Only me and Lady Slag were left to play Queen of the Dragon.  Here I am, invulnerable and on the attack!  In fact, I did manage to kill the dragon, which then  promptly fell on me and killed me!  D'OH!

Hack Martin


We're playing QoD again, and Oneth is again foolishly attacking dragons on the ground.  Yeah, that little smear in the foreground is me. ;]  Hack really DID get stuck there (you can see the dragon's feet are inside the rock), but I didn't have anything to do with it.  He was the dummy who went up there!  With a few artistic wiggles, he managed to get loose.



Poor Ghost had TERRIBLE ping that day.  Which was fine for him; nobody could hit him while he was blinking in and out of existance, and flying off through the air, through the ground, through the walls, hitting people from fifty yards away...  Here I took a picture of him stuck in the ground.  Not quite sure, but I think he's supposed to be dead by now. ;]



Sulalee likes to confoud us lowly Giblets by jumping up onto the tops of these walls and such.

A Gathering of Giblets

Killing isn't as important in the Giblets Club as getting together with your friends.  Juicy is making hot wings!  

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