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Drakan Art

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     I was playing Drakan and looking at the two pretty moons it has and thought: That'd be a neat picture!  So I made a Vue picture, and the dragon for Poser by Anton.  The front legs are extra, and now I can tell you where I got them!  They are from Dragon Factory, a project created by my buddy, Bloodsong.  Dragon Factory is for building your own dragons in Poser (tm).  It is COOL!  :]

Rynn on the Beach

     After running around throughout the night, through the snow, whacking baddies with your trusty axe, having giants throw things (and other monsters) at you... it is time to RELAX!  And Island worlds is perfect for it.  Ahh, just listen to the gentle rolling waves, the cry of seagulls, the growls of goblins....
    Where's Arokh?  Er, he went swimming. :]

    Here's Rynn on day 2 of her vacation!  She got rid of those smelly boots and now has a nice bikini.  Look, there's Arokh coming back from his swim!

Giblets Club, After Hours

Here's a new picture of the Giblet Club, a group of newbie Drakan players, after a hard day of getting beat up.  They gather 'round the campfire, then pull marshmallows outta the back of their shirts and start toasting!  

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