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Giblets Club Snapshots

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   These are some pics I snapped in our Giblets Club games.  They are edited, with amusing quips added.  If you see yourself here and think you are portrayed in a bad light, let me know, and I'll take your pic down!  



Who's that, smooching in the Alwarren Lava Cave!?!???!??!!!?!?!?  ;D  (I told yas we was a friendly bunch!)

Hack Martin & Oneth


Well, this is typical!  Me and Hack, lying down on the job again. :]  (We ain't got nothing better to do, Sulalee and Baldra are off doing a Dragon Conga line and won't let us flame them, cuz they keep getting booted!)


This is the Cool Duel level.  I guess some people think it's fun to be half in the ground.  I usually try to run over and step on their heads! :]


Hack's not the only one who dies killing me.  This time, it's Lady Slag!


Doesn't he make a pretty comet? :]


Yep.  Again!  But don't we look cute together?  Stoer was blasting both of us, can't figure out why he didn't get the kills. (Stoer started it, Sulalee, honest!!)


Mass Chaotic Death!  Sir Lose-A-Lot killed me, then Stoertebecker killed him.  Then Lady Slag flew in and killed Stoer!  ...And then she went in, got the lava, and got stuck in the wall.  I hadda blast her out! LOL!


Ah, she's mad about me!  :]  Sulalee says she doesn't like being a dragon, but I think I can turn her around.


Oh, this is going to hurt....!  Sulalee, don't you know it's not nice to sneak up on guys who are standing against the wall? (Luckily, in this game, we're all women... ;]  )

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