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Worm Minions Secret Hideout

Welcome, Loyal Worm Minions!

Sound Banks:

   Here are a few sound bank files for you.  Although you can download StarWars and JohnnyBravo from the Allotment, these are modified slightly, to be better.  :]

   Unzip the files into the proper directory under the Worms2/data/wav/speech directory.  (ie: worms2/data/wav/speech/starwars/)

Star Wars Put this in the starwars sub-dir.
This has sounds for all events, so  it is
a complete conversion (and a big file.)
Goofed These are some sounds for my Team Goof Troop.
They go in the goofed sub-dir.
You may have a goofed directory, you can
overwrite the sounds in it, unless you're very attatched
to the default ones.  Not all the sounds are replaced,
so this is a small file.
Bldsong Put this in the bldsong sub-dir, if you're gonna play
against Bloodsong's NightCrawlerz!  
This is a blend of Blood's unique wavs, plus some stuff
swiped out of other sound banks, so this is a total
conversion. (Very large file!)
JB Put this under the jb sub-directory.
We don't use this for our teams (yet), but it is too
hilarious to be without.  :]  Try it!  This is a total
conversion. (Also, you can find out why I like to yell
 "RunAwayWeenieDog" with the SuperSheep!)

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