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   Here is a tropical island being invaded by primitives.  :]  (If you work with 3D image programs a lot you might find this uproariously funny!)

   Here's Pouncer's formula for making a cool Bryce picture.  First, make a nice ocean using one of the water shaders.  Then make an island, using one of the terrain shaders.  If you have a palm tree or whatever, you can add that too.  Make sure the island floats in the water by dropping it down.
   Then, make one each of the Bryce primitives.  Or one each of whichever ones you feel like making.  Just leave them in the middle for now.  After you create each one, edit its Materials and hit Randomize, to give it a neato random shader.  When you have everything created, select all the primitives (but not your island and water!) and use the 3D Random Size/Rotate/Dispersal control to spread them out.  Then pick a pretty sky, and voila!  Instant surreal art.  :]