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Giblets Club Snapshots

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   These are some pics I snapped in our Giblets Club games.  They are edited, with amusing quips added.  If you see yourself here and think you are portrayed in a bad light, let me know, and I'll take your pic down!  


Heeheheeheee....!  (Ya almost got me, Slag!)  (Like he and everybody else didn't trounce me!)


He's a one-man death machine!  Um, that has been reduced to a red smear, but boy was he fearsome there for a while! :]


Give up, Slag, you're surrounded!  (Actually, looks like they're all gonna pummel ME!)  (Nobody got jumped, we're all very nice and were just kidding!)


That Sulalee just loves high, inaccessible places!


  She THOUGHT she had me with the lava!  But I survived, if a bit toasted.

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