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     Here he is!  In an image that doesn't infringe on anybody's copyrights!  (  =;]  )  Chance is a character in our Alternity game, Sunday nights on SorceryNet IRC.  He's a human male, 6'4"  23 years old.  He wears kneeboots, a trench coat, big Darkwing Duck hat, and *always* those infernal mirrored shades!!  
     Chance is a Repo-Man.  That means, if there's anything you need, that somebody else has, he can get it back for ya  (well, ostensibly, it's supposed to have been yours in the first place!).  He has plenty of MacGuyver gadgets to help him work, and an antique uzi for a machine gun.  (Well, it was his mom's.)

     This picture is made in Poser, and that guy is Trenchcoat Man.  His hair is Fantasy Flowing Hair (ver 2.0), and Bloodsong made his uzi, shades, and Darkwing Duck hat.  The cool free Poser stuff is at the Poser Forum Online.  I posed him!  With, uh, coaching from a professional.  The background is from Bryce.  I just made a big flat square with the special metal texture from HillTop Designs.