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     Here is a scene from our Sunday Night Alternity Game on Sorcery IRC!  In this episode, our heroes receive a distress call from a frozen planet, where the scopes pick up a wreck of an old warship.  Chance is an exceptional pilot, with just one, small, mental block kinda thing that I'm sure he'll get over soon.  Anyway, the storms tossed the shuttle around, alarms went off, the computer said we had about a 10% chance of survival.  But Chance dove right down towards the giant wreck, yanked to the left, hit the icy terrain and went into a power skid that deposited them 1 meter away from the war cruiser.  Now izzat door-to-door service or what!?  (Um, of course, SOMEbody forgot to put down the landing gear!)

    (Oh, yeah, I made this in Bryce, with an Aliens-style dropship I downloaded from the 3D-cafe. I used cool metal shaders I got from Hilltop Design free weekly Bryce Shader (and other cool stuff) page. The starcruiser I downloaded was too big for Bryce to import, so my buddy Bloodsong made me a new one in Ray Dream Studio.  And, uh, she did most of the landscaping, and the cool skid-trail, and helped me with the smoke trail.  But I -- all by myself and quite by accident! -- discovered how to get snow on top of the ship's hull in the shader editor!  And I was, you know, Creative Consultant on the whole project.  People get paid a lotta money to do this kinda work! =;D )

Chance's Brilliant Landing II:

     No picture (yet...) But Chance and Raevyn were trying to get to the main computer control console in zero-g.  They get to the room; they're standing in the doorway, and Chance tells Raevyn, "Give me a push."   Now, neither one has any skill in zero-g.... So they go slow-motion flying across the room in a zero-g ballet.  Raevyn grabbed onto the wall struts or whatever, but Chance went whirling to the computer console's chair, and landed, butt-first, right in it. Perfect! =:]